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Kelp Constructs at Galleria Nilufar


For the Saloni di Mobile in Milano we built a workshop in Galleria Nilufar.
Instead of finished products we brought 8 kg of kelp from Japan and Ireland and our tools with us and produced the finished pieces in the gallery. There was a real buzz about the new material and our visitors were very excited to mbe able to see the whole working process and touch the material in its different stages of prodcution: dried, re-hydrated, stretched, varnished, unvarnished.

The Irish kelp turned out to be beautifully translucent and green whereas the Japanese Kombu was much browner and hard, almost like a 70’s plastic.

You can find a video of the opening on Core 77 and more images on Dezeen








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  1. MPF

    hi Julia! hope kelping went well, sorry I didnt visit you, I didnt leave my exhibition much due to poor weather and well I didnt really know where to find you and had no internet. I checked out the video and photos on core77 and dezeen, is that Theo I can see in the video? looks like you had lots of fun. I also noticed youre giving me a talk at the RCA next week? career advice? I’ll ask you lots of difficult questions!!

  2. Cate Foley Burke

    Hi Julia , it’s so exciting and refreshing to see your work .
    I am in Tasmania and have been initiating some kelp sculpture workshops
    within the local community here . We have the bull kelp which is similar in properties to the Japanses Kombu.
    it is an amazingly friendly material to work with ! I used it for tea light wraps for a solstice gathering in the forest . The warm glow was very reminiscent of fungi . I have photos of it on my Facebook site . we were also using a range of other local seaweeds including strap weed . This when it semi dried became similar in properties to leather thonging . It was great for lacing the bull kelp together .
    Cheers Cate

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