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Designer of the Future – Design Miami/ Basel

Design Miami/Basel, the global forum for limited edition design has selected me as a ‘Designer of the Future’

Press Release:

For Design Miami/ Basel 2008, Design Miami/ has named 4 Designers of the Future. For this award, each designer/collective will create a new object, installation, or series using concrete and wool, supplementing their work with a short video of his/her creative process. The new work and video will be exhibited at Design Miami/ Basel, which will take place at the Markthalle Basel, Viaduktstrasse 10, Basel, Switzerland from June 3 – 5, 2008. The decision to showcase more than one young creative person or collective within a single year was made after taking into consideration the tremendous energy in contemporary design, a field which encompasses a vast variety of compelling approaches and styles. With this award, Design Miami/ Basel demonstrates its commitment to experimental, limited edition and non-industrial design and seeks to reward creativity expressed through new forms, new processes, and new design philosophies. By honoring more than one person or collective at a time, it seeks to provide a more complete picture of where design practice is heading.

More info: http://www.designmiami.com/basel/spotlight/

Martino Gamper

Max Lamb

Clemens Weisshaar & Reed Kram

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