Julia Lohmann


For an apple and an egg- workshop at ESAD in Reims, France

  • surveying the traded treasures
  • Design can be understood as adding value – it is employed to add value to materials and objects to generate a commercial profit and functional, emotional benefit in the process.

    Based on the rules of a popular German children’s game, the students take this notion to the extreme and create their design piece or design inspiration from and apple and an egg.

    The rules of the game:

    At the beginning of the project the students split in groups of two to three people and each group will be given an apple and an egg. This is their capital for this project. Now it is up to each team to make the most of their capital by finding people who will trade with them.

    The following days we create design proposals and projects from the inspiration and the objects traded on day one.

    How could anyone resist trading with them?

    How could anyone resist trading with Magali and Juliette?

    ...but what to make of it all?

    ...but what to make of it all?

    projects emerge

    Projects emerge from the trade -by Clara, Nina & Yuan


    development of the ideas - by Nina & Pierre

    …and on to the final presentation tomorrow, with our ‘external examiner’ David Dubois…

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