Julia Lohmann


On tour around Myvatn


Tangible Nothingness

It is difficult to express or photograph the nothingness that surrounds us as we drive through the country. The absence of anything giving us a sense of scale of the landscape is stunning just as the infinite details we see for miles, in the soil and rocks, the colours of the plants, the changes in light, wind and water.

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3 Responses to “On tour around Myvatn”

  1. johanni

    liebe leut, saugeile bilder!!!

  2. Lenka, Dalvík

    I´ve come across your webpage accidently as I was googling herring era museum and I must say that I was impressed having seen your pictures.

    they´re special and they talk to the soul. awesome!

    thanks for this and I´m gladly publishing your link further for hungry travellers wnated to explore Iceland locally.

    hugs from dalvík, from a woman who used to spend a year and a half in Sigló.

  3. julia

    Dear Lenka,
    thank you very much for your kind comments. I wish I could trade places with you in Dalvik and just spend a day or two in Iceland again instead of sitting in London. Your country will never leave us again & hopefully we will be back in 2012.
    All the best, Julia

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