Julia Lohmann


Video Contribution to Fashion Innovation Talk and Exhibition in Miami

The fashion designers Annette and Daniela Felder of Felder&Felder invited me to contribute to an exhibiton and panel discussion coinciding with DesignMiami/ in December 2018. I really wanted to participate and contribute to the discussion on sustainability in fashion and material innovation. However, felt terrible about the three tons of carbon emissions my flight would have produced, so I made this video instead and just sent my garments made from seaweed over by themselves.


Please consider whether it is really necessary to fly or whether there are alternative ways to get your voice heard.

Credits: Icelandic footage: Karna Sigurdottir and Sebastian Ziegler, NZ ocean footage: Jon Lister Video + Finland footage: Lucas Millheim and Julia Lohmann

Thank you, Lucas, for all of your help with filming and editing the video.


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